Liquid Lightning Race Oil

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Liquid Lightning Race Oil

5Baker Racing / FloorAmerica Motorsports Team has some very exciting news for all kart racers and /or kart teams. For the past six months we have being working hard to develop a motor oil that would set a new standard in kart racing. The testing is over and the results are in! Our new motor oil, Liquid Lightning Racing oil will blow your mind and all the engine builders’ facial expressions will be priceless when they see the results on their dyno screens.

Our secret is Phase – Chemistry! This type of chemistry combined with the high end components in our oil, which is 700 ppm moly and 2800ppm zinc phased together with a high end esters group 5 base oil, gives your motors the best liquid they’ll ever have run inside them! Also Liquid Lightning’s 4 ball test is .44! On all the testing that was done, the dyno shows an average gain in horsepower from 4 -8 tenths! So to sum it, if your clone is showing 12 horsepower now, after adding Liquid Lightning you will see 12 ½ horsepower! Plus the horsepower doesn’t drop off after a practice round or one race, the gains stay with you all day at the track. 12- 14 ounces is the best amount used in a Clone, Flathead, Animal and LO206, and can be used all day at the track without changing.

Liquid Lightning will be sold in three sizes, 12oz, ½ gal and 1 gal bottles. The 12 oz is $8, ½ gal is $40, the 1 gal is $70. Shipping is a flat rate $5 per bottle shipped.

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